I’m enough. What I do and how I am, is enough. And that’s the beginning of a process not a result or an outcome. I do not want to work for being enough. I want that this is the start.

So, let’s start by having the feeling that what we do and what we are, is enough.

This is a choreographic proposal: let’s start working on the choreography by having the feeling that whatever it is we do, is enough.

Let this be enough to engage into a research of what is a choreography.

That does not mean I don’t want more, better, more precise, more juicy, more lucid, more. The feeling of being enough the way I am is the case for me to feel and work more.

And then observe how what is enough for me is not necessarily enough for anyone else. That’s the beginning point of a negotiation. And that is already enough to engage into a negotiation.