The main choreographic method and a tool inpsired by Principlay, Plasma and others is making a pause, break, suspension, position, rupture, halt, discontinuance, breathing space, end, recess,lull, hesitation, hiatus, hitch, interlude, intermission, interruption, interval, lapse, stoppage, cessation, comma, deadlock, downtime, freeze, gap, gridlock, hesitancy, hush, interim, interregnum, rest, stand, standstill, stay, stillness

We invite you to do it. Now. Or now. Anyway, you can do it any time. Like now. But also then. You have already done it so many times. Yet, this is where discontinuance as a choreographic method comes in: you do it consciously, you do something with the discontinuance. And that is where we enjoy to dive into the work.

We invite you to start wit proposition of Plasma Yoga: to stop in an position. Like now. And then treat that position like an asana. Check the breathing, the weight distribution over the surface of touch, where are you looking at and what do you see, how far are the limits of the space in all directions, how can you be more precise in this position, which tension can you let go off and keep the position in it’s form, tonus, what are you doing to keep still…

Use one of the impulses of what Steve Paxton calls small dance, the dance made of movements in your body, use one of those myriad impulses to move to a new position. And repeat the action from previous paragraph.

Once you become comfortable in doing so, play with duration while in the position and while in transition between two positions.

Once you become bored with this game, continue with observing the compositions you are making with your discontinuance.

Once you become bored with this game, continue with observing what kind of choreography is emerging from the observation of what you are doing while discontinue.