makes text out of context.

This DISCOllective’s proposal to meet comes in form of play, a game, a performative game, a performance, and then it takes off in the wilderness of performative formats and performing formats and so on.

An artefact from Event Museum

It takes anything (person, identity, being, object, subject, abject, space, place, time, duration, notion…) as context and finds a text in it. For example the very word context has a text in it. And this text is this text that you are reading.

It becomes to us DISCOllective much more exciting when the idea of “making the text out of context” is used in other then language environments, if there are such, hehe. Of course there are, simply because we can imagine it without saying a word or use language to imagine it.

DISCOllective likes to play with (what is supposed to be) a general knowledge. For example in quite big portion of Europe it is a sign of well educated person to know that comedy Three Sisters was written by Anton Chekhov. So, DISCOllective decided to play it. And here it is: DISCOmmoveo: Three Sisters.

DISCOllective then collaborates with Erratica and Rareca and Elena Dragonetti and we have DISCOllective: Erratica

For now let’s mention another version of DISCOmmoveo that stems in DISCOntact and it’s called DISCOmmoveo: Otherskin

Stay tune for more versions of the game. For example DISCOmmoveo: Somatic Clown

DISCOmmoveo makes use of what it learned from several proposals like Life. Refabricated. M, Posta(vl)janje, and 42 etc and that is to have the structure of preplay, play and postplay. Preplay can be seen as a preparation, play is a play and postplay is tidying up the mess we created with the playing DISCOmmoveo. Prepare, play, tidy up. Notice that all the parts of DISCOmmoveo bare “play” in it. So, preplay is already a play, even though it is a preparation or treated as preparation.

Of course we adhere to Principlay as well.

DISCOmmoveo is where you can see the DISCOntiNunace see at play and work.

And last but not least, DISCOmmoveo is a proposal that is exhibited in Event Museum. Event Museum is part of Trip Tych together with 39 and In Me Mor I am Gre Gor Kam Nikar.