The Giro d’Italia Co-residencies, 10th Febraury 2022 till 10th April 2022, Italy

DISCOllective in a collaboration with Erratica is opening the Giro d’Italia Co-residencies. Erratica is a platform, a permanent laboratory of conjuction of artistic and social practices based in Capaccio, Campagna.

The co-residencies are organized around the idea of Erratica to foster – among other things also – residencies for artist to share and devise their pratices with local community for longer periods of time.

Photo: Nelson Valmor

Members of DISCOllective invited several artists with whom members of DISCOllective collaborate and share practice. The artists that are confirmed to come to The Giro d’Italia Co-residencies so far are Elena Dragonetti, Maja Dekleva Lapajne, Nikolina Komljenović, Nhandan Chirco, Pietro Gaglianò, Mathilde Vrignaud, Roman Koštal, Tina Janežič, Gergely Dózsa, Sonja Pregrad, Tea Kantoci, Silvia Marchig, maybe Torvald Silver will appear, and we expect some more to pop up 🙂

Stay tuned. And play with staying and with tuning.