Please handle with care, cause I do care.

This is how George Wissa concludes his post on FB after we met at Lesno Brdo, a day before the performance of touch DISCOntact that we performed together with Samo Kutin.

Georg gave me permission to post his post here. We stay in DISCOntact, George, for sure 🙂

Photo Georg Wissa

Inspired by a short conversation with DISCOllective weeks ago at a very nice rooted place in Slovenia, I feel to show a „baby“ of mine. Being touched by it for a long time, but couldn’t explain to others.

Due to the question of DISCOllective: If touch is the stage, what is then a dance. I felt this morning, while hanging up the laundry in my garden, to be found the right frame to show my tree. He is a rootless tree held by other rootless trees, trying to move, within the knowledge of falling and never been able to stand up again. Nevertheless taking the risk -within the frozen movement – to move.

Please handle with care, cause I do care.