Discrete residency in Berlin and Dresden of DISCOllective with DISCOntact, between 17.2.2021 till 7.3.2021

Discrete in many ways.

It was discrete in a way that was done among people that are close to DISCOllective in an intimate space. Isn’t that always the case? It is. This time we realize that this space of discrete residency is not just intimate, personal, but also spreading, global, general. It needs name. And we name it by cities where these two residencies happened: Berlin and Dresden.

It is this nanospace that corresponds with nanotime, that DISCOntact is always already happening. This there are direct and indirect. What is clear in that nanospace is the interconnectedness and the task is how to find the connection between this even smaller world that is smaller then nanospace and the microspace and macrospace.

Nanospace in terms of measurement we call meter is the space where biology and chemistry and physics meet and have to collaborate, where quantum physics works together with relativity theory. In a way it is the skin of a reality. It is there that decisions are made, human, everyday decisions. On that skin.

And DISCOntact is busy with predominantly touch of the skin to skin. And it is in that space of touch that touch=stage is explored. How to be there in this nanospace in that skin of reality with the knowledge and virtuosity of choreographing and performing and experiencing that?

Since on that level it is hard to discern to which molecule the atom pertains, something else becomes interesting: the question of border.

We can access that nanospace with a becoming: becoming the nerves, becoming perception, becoming circulation. Rather then identification process, it is differentiation process, ability to differentiate yourself from the other and in the other and in the self.

And this was the kernel of our two residencis: differentiating DISCOntact from other processes (artistic or not).