Time Dances

A dance performance

The time is upon us. The time is now. Time will mend everything. It’s time to dance. Dance is upon us. Dance is now. Dance will mend everything. It’s a dance of a time.

We time dances well by letting time dance. Dance times us. We are made of different times. We differ in the time. Thus dance.

What’s the time? It’s time to let Time Dances dance us.

Made of two parts this concert of different dances will make you feel the time.

First part is dubbed “Plus and Minus”. It is where we are in a duet, trio, quartet with ourselvs plus or/and minus in 5 seconds, 4 minutes, half an hour, a week, a decade, millenia ago. This distances in time are scenography of the Time Dances, the illusion of time produces costumes, and music is the 4’36 silence. The body of a dancer is a meeting of different timings and times.

Second part is dubbed “Perforations”. It is where we let timescape be perforated with sudden or not so sudden memory (of) future and the future (of) memory. Singularity springs forth as a space where the dance takes place.

Choreographed and performed by DISCOllective
Scenography: Nelson Valmor
Costumography: Xixan Xoxa
Light: Egidio Peano
Text: Božidar Šumi
Visuals: Ling Mu
Dramaturgy: Hanna Plirn
Executive producer: Timon Jelen
Produced by International Dance Terrorist Organization
Supported by World and Principlay