Otherskin is based on a performance DISCOntact where initial proposition is to take the space of touch as a stage. Simply put: touch = stage. There we explore how to dance, choreograph and watch, observe, witness such dance and choreography.

In Otherskin we focus on the touch of the skin and the clothes. Clothes are the second & the other skin. It’s the outer (first) layer of social self, a skin of social self. In Otherskin we propose you to explore what are the clothes and what else can be worn / taken as a clothing, through the experience of touch=stage.

Otherskin is a practice and it is presented to public in a form of a fashion show. We treat performance as a clothing of the practice of Otherskin.

There are at least four materials we work with: bodies, clothes, gauze and paper. As all materials they come in an abundant amounts. All objects in abundant amounts become a material.

Choreographed by the clothing
Performed by DISCOllective & DISCOllaborators
Produced by International Dance Terrorist Organization
Supported by Principlay, World, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, City Ljubljana

In collaboration with organisations such as Bunker, Rareca, Škuc, Krog, L’Ex Asilo Filangieri, Performing Arts Research Centre Florence.