Event Museum

is a dance performance, a dance(d) guide through the collection of events from the choreographic work by 39 choreographers.

You can arrange the appointment of the dance(d) guide by contacting us here.


Dance as a museum.
Dance as an archive.
Dance as a document.
Choreography as a museum.
Choreography as an archive.
Choreography as a document.
Affect as a museum.
Affect as an archive.
Affect as a document.

Dance is a museum.
Dance is an archive.
Dance is a document.
Choreography is a museum.
Choreography is an archive.
Choreography is a document.
Affect is a museum.
Affect is an archive.
Affect is a document.

Event Museum takes the statement by Papež from the meeting game M: “A moment becomes an event when it invents its own documentation”, as a slogan and a starting point.


Event Museum is a third part of Trip Tych

Event Museum is inspired by a Nelson Valmor installation “Posta(vl)janje”

Event Museum is a part of an artistic endeavour, exploration, research entitled “Choreographic archive as a sensorial/sensual object” by Sonja Pregrad and DISCOllective.


DIChOreography: DISCOllective
Produced by International Dance Terrorist Organization
DISCOproduced by World

Choreographers and their work

All the choreographers are now members of DISCOllective. Some works are available in the original form while the others have found other forms to continue to exist.

Timon Jelen – M

Tehvan Ratsanik – Obed

Norbert Sven Fö – Predelano življenje

Božidar Šumi – Jezični ples | Gla sanje

Srečko Jorš – Na stalnem naslovu najinega početja

Nelson Valmor – M

Egidio Peano – Nuca

Vigur Gurdu – Drug | U svakom slučaju

Ling Mu – Brown Motion