We are here to meet. We are all in to co-create a more playful and safer environment for all us to meet, play, create, share, be. Create what? Affects. And to discover each other in person, as a group, as a community, as co-creators, as artists, as humans, as beings. We have some proposals on how to meet.

Your proposals to meet are more then welcome, too. DISCOntact us by some of the means mentioned below.

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DISCOllective researches playfulness and “what is” in a role of a dancer, choreographer, performer, clown, teacher, writer, producer, citizen among many; and shares the findings of the mentioned research in formats like performance, dance, play, game, event, choreography, (social) experiment, installation, lecture, workshop, class, publication, (clown) act, video, score, among many.