First phase

There is a pool of texts written by me. And there is a pool of photos made by me. I need a program that would take one random paragraph from the text pool and a random photo from photo pool, and then post text+photo on platforms (mastodon, fb, ig (post, story), signal story, tg story/group, wp…) taking into account the specific limitations of each platform.

Second phase

I would need a program that analyses the posts from the first phase (what is in the text, what is on the photo and how are text and photo connected), maybe also combine it with data that gets from the platforms where posts from phase one are posted (like how many likes…), and then starts to generate paragraphs of texts and photos and post them on these platforms. So, yes, we get the algorithm in the loop.


Possibilty to work only with text or to generate only text.

Have a pool of videos and pool of links.

When posting to WP I would also like to generate links to other posts on the WP. This I need to explain a bit more. This can be done later.

It is clear that these programs exist and that I can use also ChatGPT etc. I am interested in other algorithms that exist for text analyses. I am interested in analysis of very limited data.a