a touch performance

The performance that touches you when you touch it.

DISCOntact is a performance of touching. It is always already within reach since one is always already touching something.

You touch the other and the other is touching you, too. You touch the dress and the dress is touching you. You touch the ground and the sky, and they are touching you as well. Last but not least you are touching yourself.

By being in touch with the other, a dress, the ground, the sky, yourself, you are touching us, DISCOllective, and we touch you back. We share that touch(ing). And when you take the touch as a stage, you enter the performance DISCOntact. Whenever, wherever.

For extra dense experience of the performance we invite you to the opening of DISCOntact, 20th May 2020, at 20.05 CET. Where? In the touch 🙂 And that can be done where you are now and when you will be then.

The touch is a stage.

With DISCOntact we are discovering what happens to the dance, choreography, experiencing, dancers, choreographers, spectators, when we treat the space of touching as a stage where the surface of the touch is the forth wall of the stage, theatre.

Let’s be in touch.

DISChOreography and perfomance: DISCOllective
Production: idto.upri.se
DISCOproduction: World