Here we list some proposals on how to meet. Your proposals are more then welcome, too.

DISCOvery Ways to contact DISCOllective and arrange a meeting.

Time Dances Traditional dances of and by the time

Druge kože A fashion show of touch

DISCOrrespondance Ready to deal with your eternity?

Lost & Found A found choreography performance

Event Museum Turning moments into events. A dance(d) guide.

DISCOmmoveo Anything can be a play, but not everything can be played.

DISCOntact The space of touch is a space of stage. Wow!

DISCOre Take your score to the disco. And dance.

Girih A dance play meandering the patterns

Joga gostote kompozicija in koreografija v trajanju za telo, električno kitaro in prosto

Between the obvious and the evident A short ballet of the beginnings, commissioned and performed by Dejan Srhoj

The Biggest Spectacle in the World Take a walk backward and watch the biggest spectacle open up for you

Compassione come bussola Laboratorio creativo e giocoso su come indossare il proprio Sé di Roman Koštal e DISCOllettivo