Time Dances Roadtrip #2 | 3.7. – 8.7.2024 | folklore | from Zagreb, Croatia to Mayfield (Sussex), UK

Inspired by the amazing Time Dances Roadtrip #1 from Dubrovnik to Krk in the summer of 2023, Sunčan Stone and DISCOllective proposed to time that they set off on another similar trip, this time from Zagreb (Croatia) to Mayfield (Sussex, UK).

Approximately 30 Time Dances will be performed by DISCOllective and photographed by Sunčan Stone on the 2000 kilometres long and 150 hours deep journey.

The choreographer of Time Dances, our dear and dire friend, time itself, will teach DISCOllective local (time) dances wherever Sunčan and DISCOllective will happen to stop. This will not be only in the places mentioned below, but literally on the road wherever we (time, Sunčan and DISCOllective) feel like stopping and performing a Time Dance.

The itinerary of TDR#2
3rd July Bratislava,
4th Praha,
5th Frankfurt (aM),
6th Bonn,
7th Brussels,
8th Mayfield.
On the indicated days Sunčan and DISCOllective will sleep at the mentioned town. Time does not sleep anyway 🙂

If you want to join in and learn some Time Dances, photograph them or simply watch the Time Dances orrrrr participate in any other role, let us know through these channels.

Choreographed by time
DIS-ChO-reographed and performed by DISCOllective
Photography by Sunčan Stone

Produced by International Dance Terrorist Organization / idto.upri.se
DIS-CO-produced by World and Principlay
In DIS-CO-llaboration with space Jambor (Ljubljana), Rareca (Fonte di Roccadaspide), Tala Ple(j)s (Zagreb), L’Ex Asilo Filangieri & Ostello Bello (Naples), Vibrazioni Culturali (Felitto), Bunker (Ljubljana), NDA Slovenija (Ljubljana) & CK Španski borci (Ljubljana)