Otherskin | fashion show | 19.4.2024, 20.00h | Pfefferberg Theater, Berlin

Otherskin is part of Along the Walk Conference in Berlin between 17.4. and 20.4.2024.

Touch is the stage.

Dance is the clothing.

Otherskin is a fashion show of such clothings on such a stage.

Touch is the stage. Otherskin is a space to experience the dance, the choreography and how to watch the dance on such a stage.

Dance is the clothing. Otherskin is a space to experience the dance as the first second skin of the body, as a protection, a mask and a shelter. Otherskin is a space researching how such a clothing shapes our physical body.

Otherskin is a fashion show of collections of clothes that are a dance on a stage that is in the touch. A pageant of touches.

In this exquisite performance developed by international artists from the field of contemporary dance we enter deceleration through touch. The audience is invited to sit, stand, lay down or even move close to the performers and watch the piece through touching. An extraordinary experience that playfully twists perspectives on performing, creation, art and life in general.

Choreography: Clothes

Fashion design, performing, co-choreography, set design, light design, sound design: DISCOllective, Mathilde Vrignaud, Maja Dekleva Lapajne, David Kummer

Production: idto.upri.se, DISCOproduced by World

Support: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, The Municipality of Ljubljana, Škuc Gallery, Association Krog, Zavod Bunker, Jambor, Along the Walk