Along the Walk | conference | 17.4.-20.4.2024 | Berlin

We invite you to join »The Conference on Deceleration in Performing Arts«.

In April 2024, all artists involved in our 2-year project will be gathered in Berlin. During 4 days, we will share and explore together how deceleration shifts the focus and changes the creative output.

Indeed, acceleration and growth rule the development of our society. In almost every field, these principles infuse and drive humanity in a mad rush. Insidiously, a culture of haste permeates our personal, social, economic and political spaces. Facing this, deceleration appears as a valid response!

During the Conference, you will get to know the 7 Walks which were the core of the project. As diverse as the 7 Duos, those Walks were rich and unique experiences. Taking part in a 2-day workshop, you will get the chance to dive deeper into one of those approaches.

The conference ticket includes access for all 4 evenings of performances ranging from impro theatre to contemporary dance. To open the topic wider, the scientists Gael Brulé and Anna Saave will share their research works on deceleration.

We are looking forward to meet you in April!

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