Coteaching | workshop | 2nd & 3rd March 2024 | Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor

In March, Nagib is hosting a team of educators, dancers, choreographers and theorists as members of Nomad Dance Academy (NDA) network, who will lead a CoTeaching workshop. The two-day event will consist of a historical-theoretical and a practical part, which will take place in a safe, secure and welcoming environment. CoTeachers will be: Gisela Müller (Berlin), DISCOllective (Europe)h and Rok Vevar (Ljubljana).
WHEN: 2nd & 3rd of March 2024; from 10am to 4pm
WHERE: Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor

The above CoTeachers are developing a new module focusing on the relationships between dance, choreographic practices, somatics and space. Following some ideas of the Finnish architect and educator Juhani Pallasmaa, who thinks and conceptualises architecture in terms of kinetic perception and considers architectural objects and urban arrangements as choreographic works, they will work on kinetic tools with the help of architects to turn the body into a “gauge” for spatial parameters and use it as an instrument for reading or perceiving architecture and urbanism. They would like to test, reflect and develop these tools and creative tasks directly at the workshop in Maribor, where they will try to complement the module with new functional tools, in addition to feedback from the participants.

CoTeaching is a training format in which two, three or more teachers teach the same dance training or workshop together. The format was developed by members of the Nomad Dance Academy network and other invited educators. CoTeaching opens up the educational process by creating a safe teaching/learning environment where knowledge transfer and dance and theory practice take place in a friendly tone. The rules of CoTeaching are defined by a score (choreographic score) that adapts to the specific situation, the students and the task we have set ourselves. The score can include the training goal, the time, the number of teachers and other information that allows for a clear yet playful situation. Elements of dance practice and theory are merged in this format, not shared. To this end, both dance teachers and dance theorists teach together.

The very name of the format suggests a coexistence of ideas, teaching methods and views on what contemporary dance is. Participation in CoTeaching requires participants to be open to try new things, make mistakes and share knowledge. It enables teachers to shape their teaching practice together with other teachers and allows for immediate feedback.

For registrations, please contact:
The price for the two-day CoTeaching programme is 40 EUR or 20 EUR per day.
For members of different dance schools, freelancers in the cultural sector and students there is a special price of 35 EUR or 15 EUR per day.

Organisation in Maribor: Nagib Association in partnership with Vetrinjski dvor (Narodni dom Maribor) and MKC Maribor
Producers of CoTeaching: Nomad Dance Academy