Haludovo Residency | 9.7.2023 – 22.7.2023 | Haludovo, Krk

Sunčan Stone has been inviting DISCOllective for years now to go and in complicity explore the artistic possibilities of the Haludovo Palace Hotel on the island Krk. The time has come to do it.

As life is generous as nature, generating new generative generations of intertwined inspirations, the Haludovo Residency is charged with the experiences from the Kik Melone Resideny at Art radionica at Lazareti in Dubrovnik and Time Dances Road Trip, happening just before the Haludovo Residency.

Sunčan Stone and DISCOllective will thus generate a series of dances, images, videos, texts and lengthy swims to use in the frame of Time Dances by DISCOllective.

Stay tuned, stay playful.