Along the Walk | Artistic Ground Workshop | Bistrica ob Sotli | 16.1. – 21.1.2023

DISCOllective is one of the fourteen international artists that explore European rural areas. They walk, they walk two by two, they go step by step, and they have almost nothing planned! They discover and reveal their work along the way: dance, theater, sculpture, clown… they create with and for the people they meet, along the walk.

Along the Walk is run by three European performing arts companies – Combats Absurdes from Lyon, Gorilla Theater from Berlin and Kolektiv Narobov from Ljubljana. For over 20 years they have been creating, producing, exploring and working together in the field of artistic improvisation. The core team of Along the Walk consists of members of these companies: Maja Dekleva-Lapajne (SLO) and Matthieu Loos share the artistic direction, Christoph Jungmann and Juš Milčinski share the managing direction, Ulrike Adam and Baptiste Colin join as producers and public relations managers.

Photo Mathilde Vrignaud