DISCOrrespondance #24, 1.3.2022, Capaccio, Ljubljna & World

DISKOrespondences is a dance performance by DISCollective and Marjeta Kamnikar.

DISCOllective sings, Marjeta dances. Yes, it’s that simple. Through dancing and singing we correspond, well, we correspond with eternity. Yes, that simple ?

You are invited to an eternal experience of eternity.

For the exact venue, please contact principlay@upri.se or 040226981

Otherwise, feel free to join in any way you like. You don’t have to be there for the whole performance, you can even be in a time slot. It means that you do not have to be with us at the same time and in the same room to attend the DISCOrespondence, nor does it have to take 81 minutes to attend the DISCOrespondence.

That is the proposal we are making and we are informing you and inviting you to it.

And part of being present is to make a documentation of this DISCOrrespondence, that is, within the time that you devote to the DISCOrrespondence. You do the documentation in whatever form you want and you send it online, by mail or by some other medium (say, pinning the documentation to a particular frequency or place in the universe hihi)

DISChOreography and voice: DISCOllective
Dance: Marjeta Kamnikar
Production: International Dance Terrorist Organization
Photo: Sunčan Stone