Residency at Kende Kanuth utca 69, Budapest, from 9.1.-11.1.2022

You are welcome to join DISCOllective at playing and devising DISCOmmoveo, a playful performance and a performative play at Kende Kanuth u. 69 in Budapest between 9th and 11th January 2022.

We will be working on Otherskin method of playing DISCOmmoveo. This method is (at least) threefold and based on the performance of touch DISCOntact. The proposal of this performance of touch is to take a space of touch as a space of a stage. Touch is the stage.

Otherskin invites us to take the experience of touching skin-to-skin and skin-to-dress, to the exploration of how the dress is touching the skin and how this influences the way I am dressed and I am wearing the dress. This would be the first fold.

The second fold takes the experience of wearing in the first fold to the next level, ie we explore how we can dress other tangible materials and objects (another dress, floor, furniture, objects in space) and then start to wearing-as-touching less tangible materials like the air.

The third fold of the Otherskin method is to extend our first and second folding to non-material or very fine material things, objects, beings, intensities, notions, ideas, you name it 🙂

You are welcome to DISCOntact us and then we take it from there.