Girih, a dance pattern play, 31.8.2021, 15.30-17.00, Ljubljana

Girih is a dance play. This time it will take place in studi Moj korak, Vilharjeva 3, Ljubljana

Girih (Persian: گره‎, “knot”) is a decorative Islamic geometric artform used in architecture and handicraft objects, consisting of angled lines that form an interlaced strapwork pattern.

By combining lines and curves in the moving physical body we are making and creating lines and curves in the spacetime. The interlace of lines and curves creates a girih like patterns in the world. And then when you combine this with a relation to the gravity you get the whole history of Western dance popping up in your moving body and around it. This then opens up the literally history in making. And then this opens up the idea of history being constantly (re)creating in each slice of spacetime. And this then emancipates the perfomer, choreographer, spectator, player.

“This is what i call Girih” by Bug Rodgers is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

DISChOreographed by Ibrahim Qadim
Performed, played, devised by DISCOllective and Ibrahim Qadim
Produced by
DISCOproduced by World
Devised by Principlay

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