Brown Motion, 30.8.2021, 15.30-17.00, Ljubljana

This time Brown Motion choreographed by Ling Mu and performed by DISCOllective, will be performed in studio Moj korak, Vilharjeva 3, Ljubljana.

It will be taking its movements, dance, play and choreography from bumping into all those material and immaterial stuff that studi Moj korak is made of.

Ling Mu’s choreographing play proposes to performers to let remnants of postmodern dance (with Trisha Brown being one of the most institutionalised representative of the postmodern dance) bump into each other to create an environment where what we could call new dance, new choreography, new new (if only we knew), can emerge.

Choreographic proposal is simple: start by following the cells of your body bump, touch, glide against each other. Once you settle in (as much as it is possible to settle) such noticing, direct the dance toward choreographic future and let this future arrive to you.

DISChOreographic proposal: Ling Mu
Performed, played, devised by DISCOllective and Ling Mu
Produced by
Designed by Principlay
DISCOproduced by World

Contact: and +38640226981

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