DISCOdrug in Ljubljana, 29.8.2021, 19.30

DISCOntact and Drug are touching each other step by step, detail by detail. There are plenty of steps in our lives, the surrounding, city, mind, heart, body, well, just about everywhere. As well as details.

The touching of the two (choreographic) entities take place in the park near Žale in Ljubljana. For the exact place contact DISCOllective

Drug’s proposal creates a membrane suspended in space. It is like a mirror, or better a transparent breathing membrane. By joining the play, we enter the other side and yet we are also on the other side from the other side.

DISCOntact’s proposal could just make use of this membrane to play the equation touch=stage and create performances on the very membrane that Drug is proposing.


And even more fun when there are more of us playing the game

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