Drug by Vigur Gurdu and DISCOllective in Ljubljana, 1st Dec 2020 at 18.00

Drug is a dance performance based on movement practice by Vigur Gurdu that plays with the idea of the other.

Please contact Vigur for exact location in Ljubljana where you will find Vigur dressed in a t-shirt displaying the website drug.upri.se together with DISCOllective.

If you approach him and check what he is doing he will most probably explain you that he is dancing and if you want to know more, you are welcome to join him at easy stepping that he is doing as a base of this practice, and he will explain you even more.

Becoming other literally opens the door to yet another reality and doing Drug will change that forever.

And please let’s respect all the measures.

More info at the http://drug.upri.se and vigur.gurdu@gmail.com and +38640226981 Prikaži manj

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