DISCOre in Rome, 7.10.2020 at 18.00

For exact location contact discollective@upri.se and +38640226981

Here’s the deal.

First imagine scores go together to a disco and dance and mingle the whole night through. You guessed it right, we call such disco a DISCOre. Scores go to a disco for the very same reasons people do: have fun, dance, mingle, make out, drink, get high… and let go.

And DISCOre is not any different from other disco places in this respect. Scores will be de-scored, dis-cored and disco-red, to celebrate everything even more until further notice in the plain daylight.

So, the deal.

You are welcome to come with your score(s) to a DISCOre and join people that already confirmed bringing their scores like: Xixan Xoxa is bringing Shum and Egidio Peano The Nape, while Ling Mu will come by with his infamous Brown Motion, and DISCOllective might just introduce the performance of touch: DISCOntact.

You are also welcome to bring along some food and drinks and whatever will make your go-to-DISCOre, a dance landscape pique-nique, more pleasant. And last but not least you are welcome to invite other people (’s scores) to join the club, ie DISCOre.

Please keep the social distance measures.

Devised, choreographed and co-played by DISCOllective
Produced by International Dance Terrorist Organization (http://idto.upri.se)
DISCOproduced by World
DISCOfinanced by Erferifund

♡2020 by DISCOllective. Copying Art is an act of love. Love is not subject to law. Please copy and share.

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