DISCOntact in Agropoli, 3.10.2020 at 11.00

Special guest performer Elena Dragonetti will join us in exploring the touch=stage as we are invited by Pier Unghese to performexplore with him DISCOntact.

For exact location, please contact discollective@upri.se

DISCOntact is a performance of touch. It proposes to take a space of the touch as a space of the stage. It invites us to explore dance, choreography, watching, experiencing on such stage.

DISCOntact is a performance of touch on call. Place, time, duration and the way performance will take place will be agreed in accordance with your understanding of the touch, performance, dance, choreography, watching and experiencing, when you call us.

The touch is the stage.

We are already waiting for your call: discollective@upri.se, +38640226981 (Signal, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp…)

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