City as a Moving Movie with Elena Dragonetti and Avo Taarinen, at Albanella, 3.10.2020 at 18.00

Elena Dragonetti and Avo Taarinen are devising a score they call City as a Moving Movie. They invited DISCOllective to join with practicing it at a very particular place in Albanella.

The score City as a Moving Movie aims at playing with the attention and focus of the public in a way that the main attention and focus is in the surrounding the performers and the spectators. The performers’ presence is the one that directs the attention of the spectator to choose its focus and frame. The sequence of frames then creates a film in spectator that offers to the spectator new entrance in its immediate surrounding.

The score is used to offer the enabling space, a space where people can emancipate their gaze and other stuff connected to the immediate surrounding. In the case of Albanella there is a building that has a very particular place in the space of Albanella. The performance City as a Moving Movie offers to the spectator to explore this particularity in the fabric of landscape and city.

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