Tongue Dance in Ljubljana, 22.7.2020, at 18.00

Please contact or +38640226981 or for exact location in Ljubljana

DISCOllective invites you to the inventive, witty and fun choreographic proposal by Božidar Šumi. You are welcome to join in any role (spectator, performer, critic, passer-by…)

Secretive dance (contemporary!). Secretive ballet chorus (and some soloists). Secretive time (in the evening). Secretive voice (with no instance). Secretive evolution (C’est arrivé près de chez vous). You are kindly invited to celebrate with us (secretively). Until we die! Tongue Dance is a secret festive dance.

Ask and you will be given the answer.

Tongue Dance chats about the language with the tongue in the language that it is not the language. To dam the burst-out of the silence that roisters in each one of us. And to tear the body apart roaring, to reassemble it in the lump of gold. To sell it. So it surrenders. And to add it to some syllables. Lullaby. With Božidar. Watchfully. I sleep. I wake. Waking. Buddha’s statue stating. The Thing. The Message. Otherwise we are having fun. Until the end of the life. At least our. If not also yours.

Tongue Dance is part of In Me Mor I Am Gre Gor Kam Nikar which in turn is part of Triptych.

Choreographic proposal by Božidar Šumi
Devised, performed and played by Božidar Šumi and DISCOllective
Produced by International Dance Terrorist Organization
DISCOproduced by World

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